Michi Konno, dog musher and his team

Michi Konno


Michi Konno, 56, was born and raised in Japan. He started mushing about 25 years ago moved to Alaska in 1999 to mush dogs here. “When I raced sprint dogs, I started with Joee Redington, Jr. I leased a team from him and finished in first place in the 1998 North American in Fairbanks. At one time I had 70 sprint dogs in my kennel.” Michi retired from sprint mushing and sold his dogs. Then he focused on his work as a tour guide and spent his springs and summers hiking and camping in the national parks in Montana, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. He explains, “Running Iditarod has always been in my mind. Joe Redington, Sr. told me once that I ‘must run the Iditarod.’” He has one adult daughter, Haluna. Michi’s hobbies and interests include hiking, fishing and camping.