Lance Mackey

Lance Mackey, was born and raised in Alaska. He says he’s been racing since before birth, from sprint to distance. He is a four-time back to back Iditarod champion, and a four-time Yukon Quest champion. He’s also run the Kusko 300, the Kobuk 440, the Wyoming Stage Stop Race, the Fur Rondy, the All Alaska Sweepstakes and lots of other races. Lance says, “I am too young to retire. I’m not passionate about any other sport. I grew up in this sport. Iditarod is in my genetics. I think the team I have now is better than any of my prior teams. All are now four, and even though I’m beat up, my team needs me to show the world and my competition – THEY ARE THE BEST! So I’m back to finish what should have happened last year, #5!” He says he is still in the “school of hard knocks.” Lance’s hobby is asphalt and dirt car racing. He is the father of Alanah, Amanda and Brittney, and Atigun.