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T200 Updates and Schedule

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Race Rules

Starting Line & Finish Line – Mile 112 of the Sterling Highway in Kasilof

Freddie’s Roadhouse in the Caribou Hills is at race mile 50 on the outbound. Dog drop available, $25 per dog (see official race rules). Food for mushers provided. The checkpoint is on the road system, dropped dogs can be picked up here and we encourage handlers to do so.

Homer is at race mile 100, the T200 will supply all T200 mushers with one ½ bale of straw and will transport dropped bags to this check point. Homer will also accept dropped dogs ($25 per dog, see official race rules) , it’s on the road system and encourage handlers to pick up dropped dogs. Dogs will be transported to Race Central several times during the race. This checkpoint is at Mile 12 of East End Road, McNeil Canyon Elementary School.