Meet the T100 Mushers

Meet the T100 Mushers

    Leon Mensch

        Frank Habermann


        Born 1960 in Schwelm, Germany.

        Currently resides in Kasilof, Alaska but holds German and Australian Citizenships after having lived for long periods in Germany, Scotland and Australia.  Frank is a Doctor

        “Our kennel is called Loepekennel, which I share with my wife Edda.

        I started mushing with my wife about 12 years ago while living in Scotland.

        I have been racing Sprint Races in Australia for several years, but lately focused on Distance Races in Alaska. I have been gaining valuable experience in the Goose Bay 150, Northern Lights 300 and Tustumena 100. I ultimately aim at the 1000 mile races, namely the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.

        We are a smaller kennel, therefore enabling us to keep a closer bond with our dogs. We consider them as our companions and not just working sled dogs.”


            Edda Jessen


            Edda is sponsored by the Australian mining industry.

            She says “My dogs are always happy, hungry and eager to run. Running and racing with them allows me to see the breath taking beauty around me, something a lot of people cannot appreciate anymore. I love spending time with my team, running with them, enthused by their strength, work ethics and their joy to run. That is why I mush.”

            Lead dogs names: Viper, Beaver and Anna