T200 Trivia

The Fastest T200

Paul Gebhardt in 1996
26 hours, 4 minutes; or about 7.7 miles/hr

The Slowest T200

3 days (due to adverse trail conditions); or about 2.8 miles/hr

The Average T200

Almost everybody, every year
30 to 45 hours; or about 4.5 to 6.7 miles/hr

The Purse

In 1994, the winning musher took home $380.00. In 1999, the winning musher will take home $7,000.00.

Other Notable Facts:

David Scheer beat Tim Osmar by the length of the lake at the Decanter Inn.

Race reorganized, association formed.
Race Trail changed from a loop up to and across the end of Tustumena Lake, then return, to current trail through the Caribou Hills.

Overflow on Caribou Creek was so bad, the trail was moved before the teams came back over it returning to the finish line. This may be the last race where the winner finished during daylight hours.
Race Central’ established by Kathy Montgomery, in a room at the Tustumena Lodge.

Ramey Smyth won wearing tennis shoes the entire race.
Ceremonial Start established.
Race Central moves to Kathy Montgomery’s house.

Evy Gebhardt’s last race as Association President and Race Coordinator.
COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wind chill of -60.
Original website established?
Stewart Blakeslee painted all 1500 trail markers, by himself, as a Boy Scout community service project.
Because of overflow problems expected again at Caribou, and checkpoint problems, race is shortened to 180 miles.[/one_third]

First year to have Ham Radio Operators at the checkpoints.
Race back to 200 miles, with the return to Caribou Lake and the addition of the ‘Powerline Loop’.
Nema Arndt takes the reins from Evy Gebhardt as Association President and Race Coordinator.
Worst weather anyone can remember during a race.
First musher ever to truly and honestly get lost. {Rod Boyce for 6 days.}
First non-local veterinarian, Dr. Richard Knight from New Zealand, volunteers for the race.

Association establishes its own domain web site.
Dick Blakeslee takes the reins as Association President. Dick and Nema Arndt act as co-coordinators for the race.