Did You Know

Some things you may or may not know about the T200, Sled Dog Races, the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska...

In addition to mushers from Alaska, Canada and the ‘lower 48’, recent years races have drawn entrants from as far away as Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Spain.

In the world of ‘mushing’, the only people considered nuttier than the mushers are the ‘race volunteers’.

The T200 has the largest purse for a 200-mile race, nationwide. An estimated 100 volunteers will contribute time, talent, energy and lots of good humor to make this a successful event.

Spectators can see the dog teams and mushers at the Start/Finish Line at Freddie’s Roadhouse Mile 16 of Oil Well Road, McNeil Canyon School (Mile 12 East End Road Homer) From about 4 PM on Saturday afternoon. Back at Freddie’s Roadhouse Saturday night throughout the night before the finish Sunday afternoon.

In preparation for the race, volunteers apply florescent paint and reflective tape to one end of over 3000 pieces of approx. 4′ wood lath.

Each musher in the T200 carries a “Tracker”, this technology has created a lot of excitement for all Mushing fans. We can follow each musher online. It’s become a fantastic way to watch all dog sled races.